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Bridging the Digital Divide

American families and businesses need high-speed internet access now more than ever – but many parts of America still do not have access to broadband. Congress has already set aside $20 billion to fix this, and now is the time for action.

A new bill would accelerate the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund – bringing broadband internet to underserved areas in as little as a year. If Congress fails to act, it could be three or four years – or more – before some areas get the high-speed internet they need. That’s not acceptable.

Sign the letter below to tell your member of Congress to pass Senate bill 4201. It’s time to bridge the digital divide.

Take action now.

The last few months have shown how important high-speed home internet is; whether keeping in touch with friends and family, connecting students with their teachers, or maintaining critical lines of communication. Yet many rural areas of the country severely lack the infrastructure to provide high- speed broadband.

Congress recognized this situation by creating the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund, or RDOF, a $20 billion federal program to improve online infrastructure and bring broadband internet to under-served areas. The money has already been allocated, and now is the time for Congress to speed the timetable by passing Senate bill 4201, which will accelerate the release of this critical funding.

Senate bill 4201 will accelerate the deployment of high-speed broadband into our rural communities. We need Rural Broadband NOW!

With rural cooperatives ready to start the work immediately, passing Senate bill 4201 would connect many communities within a year. If Congress fails to pass this bill, we will continue to shut these communities out from high-speed internet for three or more years. This is unacceptable!

The future of information, education, work, health care, social connection, and entertainment are all tied to broadband internet access. Do not turn your back on America’s rural communities by letting the digital divide continue.

Please support Senate bill 4201 to deliver critical broadband connectivity to rural communities across the nation.